Ray Allen’s Best Air Jordan PEs

Ray Allen’s Best Air Jordan PEs

Happy Birthday, Ray!

When it comes to player-exclusive sneakers, only a handful of names come to mind: Mike Bibby, Chris Paul, and Ray Allen. Other than being superstars at the elite level, they all have one thing in common: they’re all Team Jordan members. We’ve already covered Mike Bibby and Chris Paul‘s best PE pairings, but neither of those guys had anywhere near the same amount of exclusives that the Birthday Boy Sugar Ray had accumulated over his 18-year career. So picking out 10 of his best player exclusives from over the years would always be a difficult task. And I know we’ve missed out on a ton of pairs — the guy had literally too many to count —  but we did our best. Hell, we couldn’t even keep it to a top ten. So, to celebrate Sugar Ray’s 44th birthday, here are fifteen of Ray Allen’s Best Air Jordan Player Exclusives:

Air Jordan 14 “Bucks Home” and “Sonics Away”  // 1999 & 2005


Air Jordan 15 “Bucks Home” // 1999

Air Jordan 20 “Sonics Home” // 2005


Air Jordan 5 “Sonics Home” and “Sonics Away” // 2007


Air Jordan 13 “Celtics Home” and Celtics Away” // 2011

Air Jordan 12 “Sonics Alternate” // 2003


Air Jordan 11 “Two Rings” // 2007


Air Jordan 8 “Celtics Home” and “Celtics Away” // 2007



Air Jordan 11 / Air Jordan 9 “Ring Night” // 2008


Air Jordan 21 “Sonics Alternate” // 2006

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