Sneakerheads of Instagram: @oneleggedlister

Sneakerheads of Instagram: @oneleggedlister



This week I (finally) caught up with Daniel Lister (A.K.A. @oneleggedlister of Instagram and YouTube fame) to find out a little bit more about the dude.

This guy is one of the best in the scene, loved by all, envied by everyone (you should see his collection! . . . even if there is only ONE pair of foams) and just an all-round nice guy. Positive as fuck with a larger than life personality.

And boy he’s got a story to tell.

Check out the full interview and some of my favorite snaps from his IG below.

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So when I was at my lowest, just starting to get sober, I rehashed my love affair for sneakers. It gave me something to pour myself into when my mind was in the worst possible spot. Then getting on IG and finding there were more people like me I found a new home.


HOH: What was your very first pair of kicks?

DL: Very first pair was White Cement 88’s! My pops got them for me. It was first pair of real shoes. I had always had corrective shoes.

HOH: What got you into sneakers in the beginning?

DL: Aqua 8’s.. It made me feel so damn cool. I knew that a fresh pair of kicks would always make things better. lol

HOH: Haha – me too, something about seeing those colors . . Did you play ball as a kid? Which NBA player did you most look up to?

DL: I did. But sadly I was horrible. I was a good teammate though. MJ all day. But also Muggsy Bogues. He consistently proved people wrong and I love that about him.

HOH: Tell us about where you grew up.

DL: As a military kid I grew up all over the place. From Germany to Missouri we lived everywhere. But my world was forever changed when we moved to Trenton, NJ in 1987. Hiphop was being born. Gold chains and adidas… That was an amazing time to be alive.

HOH: What drove you to join the military?

DL: I had a family to feed. I had just gotten married was unsure how to take care of business as a man and I knew that the military could offer me a way to figure that out. I never heard the call to a nation. There was no patriotic tone for me. I knew my father took care of me with the military. I knew I could do the same.

HOH: Tell us about your time serving the country.

DL: I served for 12 years proudly multiple deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. They were some of the “best” days of my life: happiest, saddest, most tired, most awake, hungriest, hottest, coldest… you name it. However, for the first time in my life I understood where I was supposed to be. I knew that’s what I was made to do. I was home in combat. The real world became the battlefield. Being and father and a husband seemed so foreign to me. I had made a home in combat. I loved it and it loved me.

HOH: Your accident changed your life, that’s for sure. Most people would come out bitter, like the world owed them something, but you are one of the most easy going, happy dudes we’ve got to know. Tell us about your recovery, and the emotional and physical journey it took you on, til where you are today.

DL: Well, I wasn’t always happy or easy going. My military career was effectively over on June 2nd 2010, the day I stepped on the device, and I would never serve in any real capacity again. I was broken. My home was taken from me. I lived at the mercy of machines and my family. Which I know sounds strange but it’s the truth. I hated it. To me my life was over. I wished for death quite often. One day the nurses decided that it would be helpful if the took me down to the Military Amputee Training Center (MATC) and talk to some of the other amputees there. A Marine, missing all 4 limbs, would walk up to me with two prosthetic legs and two prosthetic arms and ask me if I was ready to get back up on my feet. That was the first hurdle that had to happen. Emotionally I was still numb to the world. I had lost my home. I had to learn how to survive in this civilian society. It was difficult. I would use drugs and alcohol to numb the pain for the next 3 years and take that insane extent, almost to my death. My body was beginning to shut down do to alcohol abuse. I would get sober and remember the love for sneakers that I had. That’s when things got CRAZY!!

HOH: When did you start serious collecting?

DL: So I have always been a sneaker head. Maintain between 40-60 pair but moving a lot in the military made the moves difficult with any more that 60 boxes. Plus 5-10 pair would always come up missing. So when I got sober and stop running from life I had a lot of extra time and money on my hands. A friend of my Billie M., @sneakerqueen509 on IG, would show me that its possible to get your grails. We worked out a trade for Bel-Air V’s and the rush of a new pair of kicks hit me. I was hooked. I was alive again.

HOH: How many pairs of kicks are you sitting on now?

DL: I’m sitting at around 230.

HOH: Oh lordy – and only ONE pair of Foams? – iI won’t start that debate . . . Do you have any advice for me (and others) about how to sneak more pairs into the collection without your better half knowing?

DL: LOL.. not have one. All kidding aside, I don’t have one of those. I have found that honesty is always the best policy. That and some times it better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission…. Especially with kicks.

HOH: What are your top three pieces in your collection?

DL: Well, according to sneaker stock exchange Jordan 1 Frags, Jordan DB 5’s and Jordan 2 Don C (Blue) are my most expensive. However, to me my favorites are the Aqua 8, DB 8 and Bel-Air 5.

HOH: Can you remember a time that your love for sneakers has bettered your life i.e. meeting the love of your life/making amazing friend etc?

DL: So when I was at my lowest, just starting to get sober, I rehashed my love affair for sneakers. It gave me something to pour myself into when my mind was in the worst possible spot. Then getting on IG and finding there were more people like me I found a new home.

HOH: What do you enjoy outside of sneakers?

DL: Being a single father and cheer dad makes my life full.

HOH: And that’s something I’m looking forward to later this year when my little dude arrives. Last question – not sneaker related at all, but I just love to hear about people’s approaches to life: what is your philosophy on life?

DL: Love, Tolerance and kindness. However…be ready to cut loses. Let go before you leave claw marks all over it. Sometimes the best we can do is grin and be prepared to embrace to the suck… because at the end it’s the surviving through the hard times that you remember not the easy success.

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