Sneakerheads of Instagram: @alexforrestnyc

Sneakerheads of Instagram: @alexforrestnyc


Heyo fam. This week we caught up with Alex Forrest of Instagram fame @alexforrestnyc – a dude who puts his life on the line every day for his city and for his family.

My dude has such a huge collection (if your’e looking to sell any heat bro, I’m a size 13 too. . . ) and has some of the best shots on IG!

Check out the full interview and some of my favorite snaps from his IG below.

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When 9/11 happened I felt the great urge to do my part in helping out my community by joining the NYPD & make a positive difference. I try my best to help as many people I can & let them know that we’re not all assholes!

Alex with Spike Lee at the Air Jordan 1 Quickstrike release in Brooklyn this year.

HOH: What was your very first pair of kicks?

AF: My very 1st pair of kicks were KANGAROOS with the zippers on the side. I thought it was so cool to have subway tokens in the pockets lol I guess it was a Brooklyn thing! 

HOH: What first got you into collecting?

AF: What first got me into serious collecting was March 8, 2014. The infrared 3s dropped & after a 5 hr campout in Boston I was hooked! (Initially the girl I was dating in Boston bought me a pair of FLIGHTS & I was like “HELLLLLLZ NOOOOO!!!” so when I went to return them the salesman told me about the 3s dropping the next day & the rest is history)

HOH:  Did you play ball as a kid? Which NBA player did you most look up to?

AF: As a kid Michael Jordan was da fucking man to me! Even though living in BK everyone was rooting for Patrick Ewing & the KNICKS … to ME it was all about MJ! Watching him play in the 8s, 6s, & 11s … MAN, I wanted those so bad as a kid but I couldn’t afford them. 🙁 Back then my mom got me sneakers from department stores lol they were in a pile with the shoe strings tied together & I had to go in & pick out my size (sometimes they weren’t attached & I had to search for a left & right foot in my size…) I dreamed of all those sneakers that all the kids were wearing in school that made them run faster & jump higher like all the basketball stars did in the commercials.

HOH: Tell us about growing up in New York. I loved living there and love that city, but I cant begin to imaging growing up there. What shit did you have to face every day that made growing up there unique?

AF: Growing up in Brooklyn it was all about fashion & wearing the latest designer fashions. To be cool you had to wear what the hottest rapper wore in the latest video … & Jordans. If you wasn’t up on the latest gear you were invisible. Air Force ones (or uptowns depending on where you’re from was also very popular.) And of course … TIMBERLANDS. lol (ALL YEAR ROUND)

HOH: What drove you to join the NYPD – one of the most dangerous and hated professions in the world?

AF: My son was born 2 months before the great tragedy of 9/11. Before then I was finished with school & I was trying my shot at acting & modelling. When 9/11 happened I felt the great urge to do my part in helping out my community by joining the NYPD & make a positive difference. I try my best to help as many people I can & let them know that we’re not all assholes! 

HOH: I’m sure you’ve heard some horror stories from people on the job – but have you ever thought your life could be in danger?

AF: Every day on the job is a challenging & dangerous day but I love it! As long as I can return home to my son (I’m a single Daddy) in the same piece that I left it is a good day to me! My Son is everything to me. (My sneaker & comic book collection is a close 2nd) 🙂

HOH: What one thing have you learnt from your time as a cop that has changed your life?

AF: Seeing so many of my friends get hurt & lose their lives on the job defending strangers has really put life & living in perspective to me! Everyday is a precious blessing to me & I try my best to live each one to its fullest! I learned not to take any day I’m blessed enough to wake up & see for granted. 

HOH: When did you start serious collecting?

AF: After I bought my first pair of Jordans I was hooked! I started to think of all the other pairs that have come & gone & I couldn’t afford at the time… I discovered ebay & list my damn mind!! I was just buying em up & stacking them up neatly in my closet. I was so quick & feverish that I had no idea that there were so many fakes of sneakers out! I eventually discovered that I had gotten “got” with 4 fakes! ;( (including my Now infamous AIR MAX / AIR JORDAN 11 fusions lmao)

HOH: How many pairs of kicks are you sitting on now?

AF: I currently have #139 pairs of sneakers … consisting of mostly all Jordans plus adidas yeezys & only 1 pair of foamposites (all star mirrors)

HOH: What are your top three pieces in your collection?

AF: My all time favorite pair is the BRED 11s. It’s just a classic sleek elegant sharp sexy shoe.

Second favorite is the BLACK INFRARED 6 (for the same reasons haha)

And my 3rd favorite is the DORNBECHER 4. It’s a great shoe designed by a great kid for a great cause with the great concept of combining my two favorite loves (shoes & comics)

HOH: Your little dude has quite the collection too, when he came along, did that curb your purchasing? Or does he have to save for his own? (I’m taking my own notes on Fatherhood right here)

AF: My lil man just turned 16 & he likes all kinds of sneakers. He likes all the rare ones like the BLACK QUAI 5s but I gotta start him off slow with some GRs before he walks out of this house with some rare gems & having me pass out lol 

HOH: Word is you do a little bit of acting on the side. How does that fit in with your role at the NYPD?

AF: So, basically being a cop helps me buy all the things that me & my soon need. Acting & modeling help me buy all the things that I WANT!! I shoot commercials & small tv roles in my extra time & that helps me support my “habit”. (Some call it an addiction but I haven’t found a good enough argument to dispute the terminology) haha! Actually, you’ve probably seen in a few things currently playing on TV & ADs but since I usually only show my shoes on instagram I’m hard to recognize on TV lol 

HOH: How has your love for sneakers bettered your life?

AF: I had no idea that there was an entire sneaker community that shared my same passion & love for sneakers! It was really refreshing to come across so many cool kindred spirits! It’s great seeing & meeting so many people from young & old & from all different levels of collecting! From 1 or no pairs yet to ALL OF EM! 

HOH: Last question – not sneaker related at all, but I just love to hear about people’s approaches to life: From everything you’ve been through to where you are now – what’s your philosophy on life?

My philosophy on life is a simple quote from Shakespeare … “To Thine On Self Be True”. Which simply means do what you want and make sure it’s for the right reasons! Buy what you like & wear what you like! Or don’t wear them! lol if you want to put your kicks in a glass box & stare at them every morning that’s fine. Wear em on your head if you want! It’s your prerogative you bought em -do what you want with em! Don’t follow trends but make your own! 

Make sure you check Alex out on Instagram HERE.


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