The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 11 “Hornets”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 11 “Hornets”

Michael’s position of CEO of the Charlotte Hornets has seen a few spin-off colorways. It even goes as far back as the “Grape” Air Jordan 5. And years back when we saw both Mike take over the reigns as CEO and superstar Hornets guard Kemba Walker join team Jordan, we expected a few more colorways to come along.

And they did, with last year’s CEO pack, celebrating MJ’s position at the top. We’ve seen these colors hit the 10 and multiple player PE’s for his franchise players. But there’s still a few we’d like to see, including this Air Jordan 11, decked out in neck-breaking purple with hits of aqua to contrast.

So, would you cop a pair of “Hornets” Air Jordan 11’s if they dropped? Tell us in the comments below!

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Air Jordan 11 “Hornets” Concept

from the House of Heat Concept Lab

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