The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Maroon 2.0”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Maroon 2.0”

No, it’s not the OG colorway, but this version of  “Maroon” Air Jordan 6 recieves a full tonal look, decked out in a premium suede upper (with added 3M!)

If you haven’t noticed by now, we really love tonal colorways – they vibe off some serious feels of luxe than traditional colorways could ever achieve. Think Don x Air Jordan 2.

Would you cop or pass up on this House of Heat x Air Jordan 6 collaboration, should it ever come to fruition? Tell us in a comment below!

You can see more of our Concepts HERE!

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Concept

from the House of Heat Concept Lab


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