The Oklahoma Sooners Flex their Air Jordan PEs

The Oklahoma Sooners Flex their Air Jordan PEs

We new this was coming Sooner, rather than later.

Just like like Florida Gators, the newest Jordan Brand school, the Oklahoma Sooners, have just officially kicked off their season with an unveiling of their 2018 uniforms. And just like the Gators, the Soooners also used the even to flex their PE Jordan heat.

Air Jordans 1 through 30 were present, each styled in Sooner-themed colors of whites, oranges and blacks — the school also unveiled an exclusive pair of Air Jordan 11 cleats.

it’s likely that these won’t hit shelves, but with the recent retail release of the Michigan Air Jordan 12, a drop may still be on the cards. If anything does develop, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Untill then, peep the video of the collection below!

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