There’s more limited NRG Air Jordan 4s on the way

There’s more limited NRG Air Jordan 4s on the way

This time they’re for the ladies.

Jordan Brand acknowledged that ladies had always missed out on the good drops. As a result they released the first-ever womens line of Jordan sneakers and apparel to kick of 2018, including silhouettes made only for the female fanatics. it’s been great to see the men get jealous for once over their girls Js, and not the other way around.

In the past, they’ve been subject to wild and vibrant kids colorways, much to the distaint of the female fans. But we thought that in 2018 ‘Yep, Jordan Brand are finally on the right track.”

Then this obnoxious new ladies-exclusive NRG comes along, that’s set to release in January 2019. But you know what they say — one step forward, two steps back. In this case, it’s 15 steps back. Mind you, the rendering below isn’t the exact color blocking or matierals the Jordan 4 will come in; it will look something like this, though.

Wild as it may be, it is limited, as it’s NRG title suggests. So it should have no trouble selling out, right?


We’ll wait and see. Stay tuned for more info.

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