Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 4 “Cream of the Crop”

Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 4 “Cream of the Crop”


Our new “Cream of the Crop” series celebrates Michael Jordan’s years of rising like cream to the top of the league to secure his 5 NBA MVPs and 6 NBA championships over the course of his career – creating a now immortal status for the Chicago Hall of Famer. We will deck each silhouette MJ wore during his time at the Bulls – from 1-14 in this celebratory colorway.

The White mid and outsole represents the crop so to speak, with that all Cream light suede upper rising above, a symbol of Mike’s performance over his peers during those seasons. The hint of deep red is a nod of the head to his beloved Bulls colors, in which he won every one of his NBA MVPs and Titles.

We have previously covered the Air Jordan 7 in this colorway – you can check this out here!

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Air Jordan 4 “Cream of the Crop” Concept

by the House of Heat




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