We’ve all been played by Don C and Jordan Brand

We’ve all been played by Don C and Jordan Brand

The real story behind Jordan Brand’s 312 Legacy.

It seems like every sneaker collaboration that Don C touches turns to gold. That’s what Jordan Brand were thinking when they were stuck with a silhouette that wouldn’t sell.

According to sneakerleaker Pinoe77, somewhere between the commencement of the 312’s production and Don C’s announcement as “collaborator”, people high up at Jordan Brand recognized that these sneakers will sit on shelves. But honestly,  they should have known that to begin with, with Jordan hybrids notoriously ending up at outlets for drastically reduced prices. Pinoe goes on to leak the news that Don C’s involvement in this “collaboration” is nil. The sneaker was already designed and produced before Don C knew anything about it. Pinoe77 claims that Jordan Brand are leveraging off his name to turn a shelf-sitter into a Hypebeast’s must-have. Pinoe77 has since been declared as public enemy #1 by people in Oregon.

In simple terms, Jordan Brand had a sneaker that wouldn’t sell, so they’ve paid Don C to attach his credible name to it to create hype and move units. This puts Don C’s whole reputation at stake.

This is kind of like Donald Trump having his name on buildings where he has no input in on it’s design or location, and doesn’t own a cent of the construction. He’s notoroius for licensing agreements, simply to use his brand to make a quick buck. Bu then again, that’s Donald’s business — making money. Sneakers and fashion is about making money of course, but collaborations are a little different. Artists or designers get a blank canvas to express themselves and their art or craft.

And while the Drake and Travis Scott didn’t actually design their collaborations with Jordan brand, they still had their creative input. But ultimately, collaborative artists are at the mercy of the design team. But Don C is a designer. He has his hand all over the Don 2 series, like Virgil did on the Off-White collection. So how can any self-respecting designer put their name on something they didn’t take any part in? Surely Don C hasn’t sold out, right?

Don C previewing the Jordan Legacy 312

In the past, people have labelled Don C as a lazy designer, but this is next level. If it’s confirmed that Don has simply taken a paycheck for the use of his name on this silhouette, questions will be raised over his credibility as a designer.

Will the hype still be there? Will people still be snapping these up on release day? or will they sit on shelves like they were destined to?

The biggest question is will Jordan Brand and/or Don C address this accusation?

We’ve reached out to Jordan Brand for a statement, but as of yet, we havent received any comments.

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