You’ll be pissed at how the PSNY 12’s are releasing

You’ll be pissed at how the PSNY 12’s are releasing



Public School New York has just announced how you’ll be able to buy their upcoming PSNY Air Jordan 12 Collection, and they’re making it such a pain in the ass.

In order to even find the location, you’ll have to participate in Nike’s massive scavenger hunt called SNKRS Stash in one of three global locations: New York City, Paris, or Milan. And even if you follow it all, you’re not guaranteed a pair.

This reminds me of all those shitty Instagram giveaways where you have to follow 15 pages, like the post, re-post it, take 15 friends, spin around three times with your pants down, sell your left testicle and literally shout out the page’s name at the top of your lungs at every red light – with the windows down.

Take a look below at the 4 steps you’ll have to follow to even find the locations. You’ll still probably take an L, and that will hurt even more.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the Nike SNKRS App

2. Be in Paris (Bordeaux), Milan (Olive), or NYC (Wheat) on June 28th

3. Start checking the Nike SNKRS App beginning morning on June 28th

4. Locations will be announced throughout the day, follow directions for stashed hunt to secure your sneakers.





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