First look // Nike’s ‘Tupac and Biggie’ Pack

First look // Nike’s ‘Tupac and Biggie’ Pack

The legends live on.

Nike are releasing a pack that we’ve all bee waiting for – a Biggie/Tupac Pack that reps the East and West Coasts – this time without the beef.

Inspired by the legendary hip-hop rivalry of Bad Boys’ Biggie and Death Row’s Tupac during the mid-90s which lead to the fatal shootings of both rap superstars. But this pack comes with nothing but love for two of the all-time greats.

Biggie is honored with a Nike SB Dunk Low in plaid (hopefully with the hat to match). Tupac receives a Nike Air Force 2 in Black denim and Crips’ paisley blue, but knowing that Pac supported unity between the Bloods and the Crips – with deep connections to both gangs – we’re expecting a Red paisley to appear on the other shoe.

We’re still waiting on an official release date for the pack, but word on the street is that these will be dropping next month. Stay tuned for more deets

Photos: @sbcollector.

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