Nike Introduce a New 3D-Printed Upper Called Flyprint

Nike Introduce a New 3D-Printed Upper Called Flyprint

“I thought these guys were really crazy . . .”

It’s not like Nike to get beat in innovation. It’s even rare to get notably beat twice.

What are we talking about? adidas nailing UltraBOOST technology forced Nike into React foam technology. Then came along the game changing Futurecraft, again from adidas, forcing Nike’s hand once more to dip into the 3D print technology.

But unlike the Futurecraft, which is a 3d-printed sole unit, this is new tech, labelled Flyprint, is an al-new 3D-printed, woven upper.

With the help of Eliud Kipchoge, who almost set the two hour marathon mark record back in 2017 in Berlin, Nike designers found a way to improve the VaporFly with said new materials. Will it help Eliud break the 2 hour marathon mark? Hard to say, but it can’t hurt, right?

As of today, Flyprint is the first 3D-printed textile upper in performance footwear. And weighing in at 11g lighter than the now-legendary VaporFly 4%, it not only offers lighter dry weights, but also more breathability while boasting almost undetectable levels of water retention.

But when presented to Kipchoge for the first time,  he thought the team at Nike had lost their minds.

“I thought these guys were really crazy,” said Kipchoge. It wasn’t until the testing began that his mind changed. “I had to take the shoe, put it on my foot and run on it. You feel like flying when you’re running.”

A release date hasn’t been set as of yet, but we will of course keep you updated when more info drops. Stay tuned for more!

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