In-hand look // Playstation x Air Force 1

In-hand look // Playstation x Air Force 1

Rebooting a classic.

One of the most sought after Air Force 1s of all time, the “Playstation” Air Force 1 low has always held it’s hype. Perhaps because both gamers and sneakerheads are do deeply involved in their subcultures, it makes the sneaker more personal than any other release has done before.

The sneaker’s release in 2006—the same year the Sony the Playstation 3 hot shelves—reeked havoc, as they were only available in a numbered run of 150. What made them even hotter was that fact these were only given out to Sony employees, some sweepstakes winners, and the legendary Kobe Bryant, who was the cover athlete for the PS3 exclusive-come-flop, NBA 07: The Life Vol 2.

When Nike dropped and even more limited run of 50 pairs three years later in 2009. the cult status of the sneaker only grew, again stained with disappointment, as the general population were snubbed in favor of Sony executives and charity auctions.

But earlier this year, PG’s release of his “Playstation” PG2s got the juices flowing again. A limited and sought after release in it’s own right, the PG drop sparked speculations of a possible return of the cult-classic Air Force 1. While there’s still no word on a release for a 2018 iteration of the sneaker, a style code reported to be for a new pair has surfaced on Nike’s server. Even more signs pointed to a retro when Nike recently paid tribute to the shoe’s legacy, with a piece on SNKRS.

We can put two and two together — a release will be happening, we just don’t know when, where and how many units will be available. For those deets, stay tuned.

UPDATE 06.07.18

We have a confirmed release date of June 11, in the lead up to the annual E3 gaming convention. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE 06.11.18

Today we get our first look at this year’s version of the PlayStation Air Force 1 Low, but we’re still waiting on release info that will follow later today. Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE 06.11.18

The “PlayStation” Air Force 1 released today in Los Angeles exclusively to E3 attendees via SNKRS Stash. Official images can be found below, we’re still holding our breath for a wider release. We’ll keep you up to date with further developments.

Playstation x Nike Air Force 1

Style Code: BQ3634-001
Release Date: June 11, 2018

In-hand look // 06.14.18

Official images //

First look at 2018’s release //

Source: kustoo

2006 release //

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