Twitter responds to Kanye’s Nike Dri-Fit diss

Twitter responds to Kanye’s Nike Dri-Fit diss

The internet wins again.

Someone still sounds a little salty and insecure about their ex. Yeah, we’re talking about Kanye and Nike. But what would a new Kanye West ablum be without taking shots at Nike?

It would probably be refreshing, like this Twitter user agrees.

On track three, “All Mine,” Yeezy compares his ex-Nike’s Dri-Fit range to Adidas iun the most Kanye-creative way possible.

“If you driving ’round in some Dri-Fit, I’ma think that you the type to dry snitch/If I see you pull up with the Three Stripes, I’ma fuck around and make you my bitch,”

Even if there is evidence f Kanye wearing Dri-Fit in the past . . . like some kind of past-life snitch.

But clearly the latter line is a shot at Drake, right? Not a bitch as in a girl, because before Kim K was rocking adidas (and Jordans before Ye moved on), she was the face for the flop that was Shape-Ups by Skechers. And surely nobody making a Skecher bitch their girl.

See the best responses from Twitter below.

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