Kobe Bryant’s Reebok Question Mid “Yellow Toe” PE Releases Nov. 28

Kobe Bryant’s Reebok Question Mid “Yellow Toe” PE Releases Nov. 28

After the summer of 2002, Kobe paid a reported $8 Million dollars to get out of his adidas contract resulting in the biggest sneaker free agencies we’ve ever seen in the NBA. The stipulations of the buyout stated that Kobe couldn’t sign with another brand until 2003, meaning that during the 2002-2003 NBA season, Kobe Bryant — the biggest name in the game at that time, had no sneaker contract, and could wear any shoe in which he wanted to play in. Brands were fighting tooth-and-nail to secure the Mamba’s John Hancock for season 2003-2004, resulting in numerous PE issues sent to Kobe for consideration. One of the Holy Grails from that season, his Reebok Question “Yellow Toe” PE, was teased back in September last year by Allen Iverson and was originally set to release in 2020 — but now we can confirm that the release has been scrapped in honor of Kobe’s untimely and tragic passing.

@briansnadav has today given us a look at what would have been, including shipping-inspired packaging (addressed to the Lakers practice facility), sample hang tags, and an NDA that replicates what Kobe would have received back in the day. While it is shattering to think we can’t celebrate Kobe through something as special as this release, it is understandable from every aspect.


Update 09.25.20 // Though not much was said publicly about the shoe following the cancellation announcement, but footwear designer Frank Cooke, who had a hand in getting Reebok to produce to the long-coveted colorway, expressed optimism that it would eventually make its way to retail. Now, we have confirmation that’s indeed the case, as per Sole Collector.

This fall, Reebok will release an “Alternates” Pack featuring three shoes linked to alternate NBA uniforms. The “Yellow Toe” Question represents the Lakers’ Sunday whites. Another Question will be decked out in black and gold as a nod to the 1997 Philadelphia 76ers uniform change. There’s also a red and black Kamikaze II (debuted on the court by Montrezl Harrell earlier this month) that takes its cues from the late-90s Sonics alternate red uniforms. Lakers guard Quinn Cook debuted the “Yellow Toe” Question in the tunnel ahead of Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

As of now, Reebok hasn’t announced official release dates for the “Alternates” Pack, but expect word to come down soon. Until then, enjoy an official look at the Kobe Reebok Question “Yellow Toe” here below.

Update 10.20.20 // A release date for the Kobe Reebok Question “Yellow Toe” has been earmarked for November 28, as per @childishpepe45

Reebok Question Mid “Kobe”

Style Code: FX4278
Release Date: November 28, 2020
Price: $150

Where to Buy:
Reebok.com Check Site
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