Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 12 “Dark Knight”

Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 12 “Dark Knight”

I Love Batman. I grew up watching the 1989 Tim Burton film on repeat. I wore out the heads on my VHS player solely due to that film. My mother still knows the entire movie line-by-line because it was the only thing I’d agree to watch. So it’s no surprise that I’d eventually have a Dark Knight-inspired colorway design. It also helps that Batman’s Black and Gold looks incredible, too.

I know this would be an instant success should Jordan Brand release it. It just looks too good to keep on ice. So I will continue to create more of these Blacked-out suede and Gold colorways until they cave, because every Batman and Jordan fan needs these. In fact, the first sighting of the “Royalty” Air Jordan 4 was titled “Batman” until it’s official announcement – so there has to be some love for the caped crusader within the snakerhead community.

But I won’t keep our concepts limited to just Batman – after all, one particular DB release this week was inspired by another superhero – Wonder Woman. Let’s open up to you guys.

What other superhero’s would you like to see inspire one of our future concepts? Tell us in a comment below!

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Air Jordan 12 “Dark Knight” Concept

by the House of Heat



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