The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 11 “Heir”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 11 “Heir”

A Blue Suede Air Jordan 11? Why not.

With the recent success of the “Heiress” Air Jordan collection for ladies, I thought to myself – what if the guys got their own versions, too? Similar finishes in complimentary colors for a next-level his and hers sneaker game.

You know exactly the kind of couples that match sneakers – even outfits – and although a complimentary colorway it might not be as obvious or matchy-matchy, it’d still be just as cute.

So first, let’s start with a Blue Suede men’s version of the first Heiress to surface – the Air Jordan 11. The proposed “Heir” concept would simply be the same sneaker colorway blocking in a complimentary yet masculine color. And there’s none more obvious than Blue to kick off this concept.

So fellas, would you cop an “Heir” version of the Air Jordan 11? Tell us in a comment below!

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Air Jordan 11 “Heir” Concept

from the House of Heat Concept Lab



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