Blends And Vans Return on the Old Skool LX ComfyCush

Blends And Vans Return on the Old Skool LX ComfyCush

Blends and Bone.

Inspired heavily by Japanese culture this time around, the talented boutique Blends is teaming up with Vans yet again to adorn the Old Skool LX ComfyCush with its ever-popular Bone motif. While previously taking on a theme of biker culture and the wild west, the seamless pairing is now ushering in two opposing pairs that they dub “Tori” and “Sugiru.” The latter is a tonal arrangement of neutrals that goes against the grain of its namesake — as the term alludes to the concept of excess — utilizing subtle white accents in a surrounding grey palette. Arriving in perfect contrast, the coinciding kit, which owes its title to birds, is a saturation of blacks whose design is more akin to crows or even ravens. A nappy suede and the familiar modified Jazz Stripe connect both to the same on-going theme, though the capsule has diverged just enough to entice even owners of previous iterations. Expect a release to go down at the retailer’s online site on February 16th, 2019.

Blends x Vans Old Skool LX ComfyCush

Release Date: February 16th, 2019

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Source: Sneakernews.

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