adidas YEEZY 380 Sample Surfaces in Black and Grey

adidas YEEZY 380 Sample Surfaces in Black and Grey

YEEZY releases for 2020 are starting to stack up — big time. And we could be seeing more additions to the all-new 380 line soon, with yet another YEEZY 380 sample surfacing — this time ditching the earthy hues in favor of formidable black.

Joining the previously-leaked Camo-covered “Mist” colorway and the Fall-flavored “Autumn” offering is this all-new black/grey pair with a hint of barely-there blue. The mockup below is based on what is said to be the final production weave (pictured further below) to help you visualize the potential release — but when it comes to YEEZY releases and their samples, they often run through rigorous rounds of tweaking, adjusting and modifying before the retail pair is decided upon — that’s if it even gets the go-ahead.

As for a release? We’re still waiting on confirmation, but as soon as we know, we’ll keep you updated both here and on our social channels.

Looking for more upcoming YEEZY drops? We’ve got a full rundown of YEEZY Releases for 2020 right here.

adidas YEEZY 380

Release Date: TBC

*Photoshop representation only. Actual colorway may differ

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