Detailed Looks at the YEEZY Basketball Sneaker

Detailed Looks at the YEEZY Basketball Sneaker

Yes — it’s actually happening.

Kanye’s got a knack for rumors. Building things up — then nothing. For ages. From events as recent as Yhandi to the elusive YEEZY 451 and even his fashion label Pastelle (all of which we’re still waiting on) — and then there’s the YEEZY Basketball sneaker.

Let’s be real, I didn’t think this was going to happen either, but when first looks arrive from someone other than the man himself, it’s a good indication that it’s actually on the way. And today we’ve received just that. And after a myriad of prototypes, one of which got banned by the NBA, first full looks at the predicted retail version are here.

Originally leaked last year, the pair was projected for Spring 2019 release, which for Kanye means “sometime in the future” — so now that that’s come and passed, we’re expecting a release in time for the 2019/20 NBA season tip-off later this year. Until more news surfaces, grab a detailed look at the pair below, and to catch up on every upcoming YEEZY release, click here.

adidas YEEZY Basketball

Release Date: TBA


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