Glow in the Dark “Azael” YEEZY 700 v3 to Release in December

Glow in the Dark “Azael” YEEZY 700 v3 to Release in December

After the updated YEEZY 700 v3 prototype popped up on the feet of Yeezus himself earlier this month, a little more news on its eventual release has surfaced: it’s now called the YEEZY 700 v3 “Azael”, it will glow in the dark, and it will release in 2019.

Keeping in theme with his recent obsession with religious Hebrew names, Azael derives from the Book of Enoh, meaning fallen Angel. It also appears in the Bible, as the scapegoat rite; the name represents a desolate place where a scapegoat bearing the sins of the Jews during Yom Kippur was sent. During the Second Temple period, he appears as a fallen angel responsible for introducing humans to forbidden knowledge. His role as a fallen angel partly remains in Christian and Islamic traditions.

The pair pulls in heavy design cues from past 700 models, as well as the overall alienist ethos of his new lines, including the futuristic YEEZY 380 and mythical YEEZY 451. Though while it’s forward-thinking in every way, Kanye is staying true to his heritage designs at Nike. Glow finishes have consistently been part of Kanye’s catalog, with the finish hitting too many of Ye’s releases to count; most recently on December’s YEEZREEL 350 v2 — and don’t be surprised if those horrible Foam Runners glow in the dark, too.

A release date for the YEEZY 700 v3 “Azael” is pegged for December 23rd, 2019, for $180 — yes, $180, which can be put down to the removal of BOOST cushioning tech in favor of a mysterious new adidas material. Of course, all of this is yet to be confirmed by the Three Stripes camp., so stay tuned for updates!

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adidas YEEZY 700 v3 “Azael”

Release Date: December 23rd, 2019
Price: $180


Images via @freaky_mccav

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