Here’s how to score the Undefeated x Nike Kobe Protro “Flight Jacket”


Y’all gonna need some serious luck.

The Undefeated x Nike Kobe Protro Collection blew up all over this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend — and part of that was due to it’s limited nature, but it was the unreleased colorways that got most people frothing.

One of which was this “Flight Jacket” pair, originally flexed by Undefeated CEO Eric Peng Cheng. It obviously drew the most attention due to the usage of the brand’s iconic mix of olive, orange and black, made famous by the brand’s 2005 Air Jordan 4 collaboration. Since that sneaker, anything that Undefeated does in that mix of colors becomes a hypebeats’ wet dream.

Undefeated are offering up only 10 pairs of these previously unreleased gems at their new Meiji Dori store this weekend in Tokyo. Anyone who makes a purchase at the new store will be entered into a raffle. But even if you win tyhat, you still have to flex your handles on the hardwood, with participation in a basketball competition determining the victors of the 10 pairs.

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