Swaggy P Bailed on 3-Point Contest With Gilbert Arenas for Insane Amount of Cash


Agent 0 was on fire!

It seems like Swaggy P can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. After challenging Gilbert Arenas to a shooting contest, he completely bailed. Not cool, bro.

There has always been an interesting relationship between Nick Young and Arenas. They are seemingly close, but at the same time love to throw shade at each other. They are very much the epitome of a love-hate relationship.

Apparently, when Arenas arrived at the gym with $100,000 worth of cash in his bag to take Young on, he was nowhere to be found. After waiting a while to see if Swaggy P would show up fashionably late, he decided to take his round of shots anyways.

Honestly, it was better that Young didn’t show because he would have been completely annihilated. Arenas hit 95 of the 100 3-pointers he took, which would have totally embarrassed Swaggy P.

That is actually unreal for a player who has been out of the NBA for over six years. Very impressive.

So, it seems that Swaggy P got off lucky. But in reality, he definitely loses some bro points for hardcore bailing. If you are gonna talk dirty, you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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