VIDEO // Jimmy Butler Speaks on Controversial Report About His Behavior at Practice


Buckets ain’t playin’.

Jimmy Butler had a monster of a day yesterday.

He returned to a Minnesota practice for the first time since his mid-September trade request — and he went off, in every sense of the word.

First, he teamed up with the Wolves’ third-stringers and took down the starters in a game of scrimmage — just to prove a point. That point was made as clear as day when he turned to head coach Tom Thibodeau and General Manager Scott Layden and said “You fucking need me. You can’t win without me.”

He also called out those who he was having beef with, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, for some one on ones, to which they both declined.

That’s some weak moves, boys.

After word of all that got out, social media had a field day.

Then, he sat down with ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols for an exclusive interview about what went on today, what’ scaused the beef in the off season and why he wants out.

Butler remains unapologetic about his passion at practice throughout the interview — and rightfully so. He wants out, they’re not giving it to him. He’s proven that he’s the hardest on the team, with the two big softies not even wanting to take him on.

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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