The Fully Recyclable adidas Futurecraft Loop is About Owning Material — Not Shoes

The Fully Recyclable adidas Futurecraft Loop is About Owning Material — Not Shoes

adidas to Take Sneaker Recycling Full-Circle

adidas’ commitment to a healthier Earth has never been stronger. The Three Stripes brand will be looking to save the earth, one shoe at a time, with the all-new Futurecraft.Loop, a 100% recyclable performance running shoe.

The brand is wholly dedicated to the idea of sustainability, and their unveiling of Futurecraft Loop might be the most eco-friendly sneaker ever created — but you have to play your part, too; adidas wants you to bring in your old kicks and recycle them. In the eyes of the German sportswear brand, you’re not buying a sneaker; you’re buying the material. What you’re really getting is a singular plastic material that can be manipulated into various forms. That means the shoe itself can be recycled into its base form and made into an entirely new pair of shoes. How the logistics and pricing works around that sounds complex, and was not disclosed at this stage.

“Futurecraft.Loop is our first running shoe that is made to be remade. It is a statement of our intent to take responsibility for the entire life of our product; proof that we can build high-performance running shoes that you don’t have to throw away”

— Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member at adidas, responsible for Global Brands.


From a design standpoint, it’s not too different from what’s currently out on the market, which makes the leap an easy one for those both environmentally and style conscious. But being flexible and reworkable, who knows what adidas have in store for the Futurecraft.Loop in the years to come.

As for a release, the adidas Futurecraft.Loop will be first introduced via a beta program featuring 200 creators from major cities around the globe. A wider release to the public is scheduled for Spring/Summer 2021. A price point is still to be revealed, Until then, take in a first look at the pairs below and stay locked in to HOUSE OF HEAT for more details as they land!

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