adidas just cursed James Harden’s MVP chances

adidas just cursed James Harden’s MVP chances

Team Early.

We’ve all seen commentator’s curse. Right after a player receives a beaming pump up from the commentary team, he goes and fks it — right on cue. Well, adidas have done just that, but in sneaker form.

But surely James Harden is a lock for MVP you say? Well adidas do too, they think he’s a shoe-in — literally.

Instagram user 2muchsol3 shared these images of a never-before-seen adidas low-top in black, gold and blue that comes draped in callouts to the (likely) MVP. Those call-outs highlight Harden’s career accomplishments, as well as golden MVP dubraes.

There’s obviously no release date set yet for James Harden’s ‘MVP’ sneaker, but were expecting an announcement, should there be one, after this season’s MVP is announced on June 25th.

The team ad adidas HQ would want to hope like hell that Harden pulls through on his end of the bargain.

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