Available Now // Y-3 BYW BBall “Core Black”

Available Now // Y-3 BYW BBall “Core Black”

Ball out in Black.

When adidas broke out the 90’s Feet You Wear revamp this year, the all-new BOOST You Wear, it never really got the credit it deserved. The hybrid program has been easy on the eyes and very soft on the feet.

It’s a gem of a concept, utilizing the brand’s biggest breadwinner. And now it’s teamed up with one of their their marquee projects, Y-3.

Adding to the concept (and removing money from your bank accounts) is the heavy-duty, high priced Y-3 BYW BBall in this new “Core Black” colorway.

This new release may be timid on colors, but its big in tech. It’s black upper is contrasted by a stark white sole unit and lacing system, with soft grey toeboxes etched with Yohji’s John Hancock.

Big Ballers Only — You can purchase a pair right now for $450 now at stores like Feature.

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