Nikanor Yarmin’s adidas Shark Concept is Making Waves

Nikanor Yarmin’s adidas Shark Concept is Making Waves

The real Wave Runner.

You might have seen these wavy weapons floating around the ‘gram late last year. At first I thought adidas would make some serious waves with this chunky-soled sneaker. Then I came to realize that they were just a concept, masterfully pieced together by designer Nikanor Yarmin.

I was shattered, to say the least. After all, adidas need to reinvent themselves after a lacklustre 2018 — and this would have be the perfect fix. But it’s not just the rippled foam and supple suede overlays that got me intrigued — it was the core concept that hooked me in.

Yarmin’s adidas SHARK (no, not the hideous Jeremy Scott adidas Sharks 🤦🏽‍♂️) centers around the sole survival principle of sharks – Living only while moving. Fitting for a fitness brand. First, you’ll notices the obvious midsole ripples, a byproduct of fast moving sharks. Outsoles include elements, reminding of some parts of shark’s body. The iconic three stripes on the sides of the sneakers come shaped like shark’s gills, while walking the foot bends, the gills open and produce additional ventilation.

How. Fucking. Wild.

You’ll also notice that Yarmin’s SHARKS stay on trend with adi’s retro-inspired manifest, with the sneakers upper clearly inspired by vintage Three-Stripe runners.

The OG “REEF” color design represents the natural color range of a shark’s body, while the white and black “DEEP” is perfect for the all-black and white hypebeast wardrobe

And with fakes already being made in factories, it clearly shows that there’s an overwhelming demand for them. Which begs the question; when will adidas turn this concept into a reality?

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Here’s a little more on the concept from Yarmin himself: “To live means to move constantly. Being on the move gives us health and power. Moving to the goals we set, we get success and satisfaction. Sharks are the embodiment of these life principles. Sharks are leaders among fish, they are predators. The sharks’ nature makes them move unceasingly day and night. Sharks move when hunting, sharks move when resting. To stop means to die. Due to that sharks have been put at the top of foodchain. Be like sharks, never stop moving towards your goals.”

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