ANTA KT5 “Herb Book” Honors Klay Thompson’s Love for “Herbs”

ANTA KT5 “Herb Book” Honors Klay Thompson’s Love for “Herbs”

What do Klay Thompson and Ancient Eastern Medicine have in common? They both use herbs, of course! But while Klay’s love for the ganja greatly differs from the weeds used by traditional Chinese doctors, his team at ANTA has made the surprising connection on the KT5.

The Chinese-based brand has served up a pair deeply rooted in national culture, dressing the upper in an all-over graphic that mimics historical scrolls and charts used by doctors (still to this day, mind you). Taking it a step further, the pair utilizes loos fabrics to copy torn pages and paper flyaways from old books. Underfoot you’ll find more traditional Chinese characters, with gold and green plastic overlays and branding around the collar to honor both Chinese good luck tradition and the herbs used in its medicines. But the most daring embellishment of the pair arrives hidden away behind the tongue: a full clove of Mary Jane.

Like all ANTA drops, we’re not expecting these to land Stateside — but if they do, you can expect it to be in ultra-limited numbers. Should any more info arise, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. Until then, enjoy a detailed look at the pair below.

ANTA KT5 “Herb Book”

Color: Gold Metallic/Gold Metallic
Release Date: November 29th, 2019

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