ANTA Channel Artist Joshua Vides With Two-Dimensional KT5 “Nijigen” Pack

ANTA Channel Artist Joshua Vides With Two-Dimensional KT5 “Nijigen” Pack

You might not know him by name, but Joshua Vides is the guy responsible for all of those sketchy sneakers (no, not Skechers) you’ve seen floating around the ‘gram a few years back. He’s now one of the world’s most in-demand artists of the era, working with some of the biggest names in fashion, communications and more, but he rose to prominence through his love for, and artwork on sneakers. Unlike Virgil Abloh, he wasn’t deconstructing sneakers, he was taking them back to their original 2D sketch concepts, and it does it in the most minimalistic way possible — with just black and white paint. Even Tinker Hatfield was impressed with his work, and that’s no mean feat. He’s been mimicked by customizers ever since ± and even a few sneaker brands; Nike included. But none have been more obvious about it than China’s ANTA, who have just unveiled this upcoming pack of Klay Thompson’s KT5 in both high and low options.

Dubbed the ANTA KT5 “Nijigen”, the Japanese word for to ‘Two Dimensions’, the pair’s arrive in black and white bases, with thick, solid-stroke outlines across the pair’s joins, resulting in a flat aesthetic that creates an optical illusion of a 2D sketch. All we can hope is that ANTA cut Vides a check for these, because it is truly plagiaristic of his work, which is to say that they’re incredibly fire.

Like most ANTA releases, though, we’re not expecting to see a Statesdie release, but we’re sure these things will pop up on the likes of eBay and StockX within the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy a quick look at the options here below.

ANTA KT5 “Nijigen”

Release Date: TBA

Where to Buy:

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