Detailed Looks at Gelo Ball’s BBB G3 Lux

Detailed Looks at Gelo Ball’s BBB G3 Lux

BBB have genuinely surprised me with the G3.

Bib Baller Brand recently unveiled Gelo Ball’s debut signature sneaker, the G3 Lux, and it’s surprising in more ways than one. Firstly, the aesthetic is clean. Incorporating vintage vibes that are in-trend right now, and incorporating it with performance tech. Multi-directional treads, next-gen foam cushioning and double support are touted as the sneaker industry’s “return to the power shoe”. Full grain kappa leather and Ultra soft Genuine suede help the BBB G3 Lux live up to it’s name — and from these looks, the quality is on point, too.

The BBB G3 Lux ticks all the boxes so far.

But we all know BBB’s downfall has been their price-point (OK — and their length to ship items, and the insane owner and . .  well we can go on)

But, to everyones surprise, the price comes in at under 2 Benjamins, retailing for $179

Wild. I might find myself pre-ordering a pair. If you want to, too, you can lock yours in right now from right now.

As for when they’ll actually arrive to your door . . .

Grab a detailed look at the three colorways below; Patriot, Glacier and Dark Knight

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