The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Black Grape”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Black Grape”

After the release of the Air Jordan 5 White Cement earlier this year, it got us thinking – what other colorways would we like to see transcend over to more silhouette in MJ’s signature series?

It’s something we’ve done before. We’ve already made a Black Cement version of the five, as well as a White Cement edition of the 6 – but today we’re bringing another classic Air Jordan 5 colorway to the next in line silhouette – the six.

The Black Grape is an away version of the OG classic White, which first surfacing on the Air Jordan 5 way back in 2013, but for many Jordanheads, it’s become a classic and iconic colorway for the Jordan series. And it looks just as good on the 6 – if not better.

So tell us, would you COP or PASS if Jordan Brand decided to release a Black Grape 6 colorway? Tell is in a comment below!


Air Jordan 6 “Black Grape” Concept

from the House of Heat Concept Lab


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