Concept Lab // adidas Ultra BOOST “Shoe Box”

Concept Lab // adidas Ultra BOOST “Shoe Box”

Boxed out.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the adidas Ultra BOOST. It’s meteoric rise to the top back in 2015 that no one saw coming was something incredible to witness. Surprisingly, it stayed at the top of the game for two or three years — no mean feat in a world where attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter (thanks, social media) And while it may have lost its clout, its hype vanished and its street cred on the decline — no one can deny that the silhouette is now considered a bonafide classic.

There’s still love for it — that’s for sure. But can it be saved, refreshed, rejuvenated in the eyes of the market? adidas tried with the Ultra BOOST 19, and while it’s a nice trainer, it didn’t achieve the cut through the brand wanted and needed. Still, they found the BOOST was boxed out. But I for one want to change that. I feel that I can change that. My first-ever UB concept from a few days back caused some noise on social. For fans that have continually expected Jordans, they were extremely well received — in fact, many said they would cop our Bruce Lee adidas Ultra BOOST when the “didn’t even like adidas”. 

Just like the many Jordans I’ve done before it — give the people a fire colorway and they’ll fall in love.

So we’re back on the BOOST — this time looking no further than the box the brand’s classic icons come housed in:

Simple, right? The basic take hasn’t been done before — and I’m still confused as to why, because adidas’ Shoe Box Blue is as iconic as Nike’s Orange. It’s a staple of the brand and instantly recognized by sneakerheads the world over — even by those who don’t dabble in Trefoil.

BOOST won’t ever die, and as they say, you can’t kill a classic — and this adidas Ultra BOOST “Shoe Box” Concept doubles-up on that premise.

We’ll be back soon with a brand new take on the adidas Streetball and YEEZY 500 — but until then, you can check out all of our previous Concepts HERE!

adidas Ultra BOOST “Shoe Box”

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