Concept Lab // Air Jordan 1 “Arrival”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 1 “Arrival”

May 12th, 1992. Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals between the #1 ranked Bulls and the 4th-seeded Knicks — a must-win home game. Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls had split the past four games with the New York Knicks, and a win here would put the franchise just one win shy of a series closeout. Jordan, as always, sealed it for the Bulls by dropping a cool 37 points, leading his team to a 96-88 victory at the Chicago Stadium. The Bulls went on to clinch both the Eastern Conference Title and their first of three-straight Larry O’Briens, cementing Jordan’s legacy as one of the all-time greats. But while there are countless boss moments on the court for Michael, his arrival to that pivotal game — immortalized by a quick snap by Sports Illustrated below — is one of the most memorable off it.

With the buzz surrounding Mike’s current-day fashion — the oversized, distressed jeans, the buckets hats, amongst other questionable choices — it’s easy to forget that back in his early days, MJ had some serious steez. Jordan — wearing a white shirt and tie, black sunglasses, grey trousers, loafers, and holding his suit jacket — had arrived outside of Chicago Stadium in his black Ferrari 512 TR. His North Carolina license plate read “M-Air-J,” and he was surrounded by a justified five security guards wearing vivid yellow windbreakers. Everything about the image screamed cool — especially now knowing that an ice-cold MJ strolled on into the arena — business as usual — to drop 37.

In a sea of classic MJ photographs, this still remains my favorite. Candid, unposed, and captures everything that MJ was back in ’92 – smooth as a MFer, oozing confidence, an irreplaceable asset, and intimidating AF. After this surfaced, we all wanted to be like Mike.

Today’s visit to the Concept Lab celebrates this immortal moment, with a pair we’ve dubbed Air Jordan 1 “Arrival.”

Taking inspiration from the protective party of five, the upper arrives in a bold Canary Yellow, it overlays in classic leather sitting above jacket-inspired ripstop nylon at the toe, mid-panel, and collar. Black accents mimic security’s jacket detailing, and jet-black Duco on Mike’s ‘rari. Crisp white midsoles and tongue tags add in some much-needed color breaks, while special-edition NC-issued vanity plate insoles complete the design.

You’ll need a lot of Mike’s confidence to be able to pull off shoes this color — which makes it all the more fitting.

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Air Jordan 1 “Arrival”

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