Concept Lab // Air Jordan 1 High “Top Three 2.0”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 1 High “Top Three 2.0”

With the sheer amount of speculative mock-ups we provided for future Jordan Releases, there’s bound to be a few bangers. Of course, this is kind of an extension of the Concept Lab, with guesstimations and some creative license to deliver something that we’d think would look cool. Of course, due to the limited information available, many of these guesses do differ from the actual releases, but it does provide a visual reference point to get excited about. It’s a known fact that we’ve had more than a few of those made by fugazi factories in China — complete with our watermark intact. Today’s Concept is one of those:


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This creation came to be through sources reporting an impending “Top Three 2.0” for Holiday 2020. That info then morphed into a supposed “Singles Day” release. That info was wrong, too. The release in question was actually the upcoming Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 for All-Star Weekend — but our original mock-up was just too clean to keep tucked away. And with the fugazi factories thinking the same thing, we can’t be wrong. We don’t mean to blow our own horn, but our fans still all say that these are better than the original Top Three — and we don’t disagree.

Perhaps one day we’ll see its release, but until then, you can only get to enjoy it virtually — or physically, if you’re down with fakes.

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Air Jordan 1 High “Top Three 2.0”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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