Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Midnight Navy”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Midnight Navy”

Last decade drip 💧

The year was 2000. The new millennium brought new Jordan colorways. Retro prices were set at $120 and you could walk into any store, weeks after the release and pick out any Jordan you’d like.

Times were damn good.

There’s one colorway in particular from the period that I just can’t get out of my head —  The Air Jordan 6 “Midnight Navy”. It arrived in October that year, so simple in it’s nature, but oh so clean. They, like others at the time, sat on shelves for months.

Perhaps this is the reason why we rarely see navy colorways hit Air Jordan retros. But I think it’s time that changes. Barring a return of the Air Jordan 6, I’d like to see the colorway hit a few more silhouettes — I’ve already created alternate versions of the Six, a new version of the Air Jordan 5, 11 and 13 — but today I’m bringing a fresh new take of the colorway to the Air Jordan 12.

In fact, this is our second edition of the 12 we’ve done in the colorway — that’s how much I love it.

So let this be known, Jordan Brand — we want to see more navy, don’t you?

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Air Jordan 12 “Midnight Navy”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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