Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “Green Lantern”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “Green Lantern”

Our Superhero Series continues.

Hal Jordan on a Jordan? Sure.

Never thought we’d see the day, but it’s arrived — if only in our minds.

For most of you, you really only now The Green Lantern from 2011’s shitty Ryan Reynolds film (it really got 39 meta score . . .), so you might not be as amped on these as you should be.

But, well, you should be. Because not only is Hal’s color combo lit, his storyline is too.

Today we’ve opted for a few different materials, mainly Neoprene on the upper, with the overlay in patent leather, and of course, the big ol’ lantern on the right tongue. For this, we’d also include mismatched branding on the heels, the opposing brand on the tongue to the back.

So if you’re feeling the kicks, head on down to your local comic book store, pick up some graphic novels and get to know Hal and co — it’ll make you appreciate ’em even more!

Stay tuned for the next instalment — it’s gonna be another banger.

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Air Jordan 3 “Green Lantern”

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