Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “MVP”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “MVP”

Numero Uno.

How did we get through the entire 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3 last year and NOT celebrate Michael’s first league MVP win — which also happened 30 years ago?

MJ won the award in 1988, after leading the Bulls to a 50-32 season, their best in 15 years. He averaged 35 points per game shooting an incredible .535 from the field, along with an average of 1.6 blocks, 3.2 steals, 5.9 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game.

I was — and still am — astonished that the brand wouldn’t celebrate this; so we have.

Rightfully so, out concept is done upon MJ’s on-foot of the year, the Air Jordan 3. The theme is taken from Mike’s acceptance attire (video below), where he donned a White T-Shirt/Black Blazer/Gold Chain combo — back in the days where Mike still had the steez.

The colorway, like the outfit, is simplistic. It’s easy to draw a comparison to and easy to match with almost any outfit — in our eyes, an instant classic. Take a look at the pair below and make sure you watch the video above for some vintage Craig Sager!

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Air Jordan 3 “MVP”

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