Concept Lab // Air Jordan 5 “Cigar Box”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 5 “Cigar Box”

It was just one month ago that we tributed a Concept Sneaker to Mike’s love of cigars, with the tear-away Air Jordan 6 “Smoking Jacket” — but to be able to smoke in said jacket, you need some stogies, right? Today’s concept comes inspired by traditional hand-crafted Cigar Boxes that hold them safe until you’re ready to blaze — and something that we’re sure MJ has a hefty collection of. From our creative minds, we’ve whipped up this Air Jordan 5 “Cigar Box”, complete with branded suede panels in the rear to mimic classic wood-burning techniques. The palette arrives in earthy mesquite browns across its suede and leather upper and it wouldn’t be complete without gold-plated hardware — it also arrives with cork insoles for a bit of extra sauce.

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Tell us on our social feeds what you think of the pair — and stay tuned for our Family and Friends edition of the concept tomorrow!

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Air Jordan 5 “Cigar Box”

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