Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Black Carmine”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Black Carmine”

Sharing our concept work with our fans is an enjoyable experience. It’s often a ground for praise, disdain, feedback, and even ideas. Just yesterday, when we re-posted our 2019 “Patent Pack” of Air Jordan 1 Highs, the conversation got flowing. A fan suggested a reverse Carmine Air Jordan 6 — a colorway we’ve already tried (it wasn’t that great, TBH) — which turned into a mention of one I’ve previously made for real through a local customizer circa 2015, an Air Jordan 6 “Black Carmine”.

The pair in question is now beat-up, trashed, and binned, and only now do I wish that I saved the photos from my old iPhone. Instead, we’ll relive it in all of its glory through Photoshop form. It was a simple custom, with all of the pair’s white pops turned to black, leaving an all red-and-black build fitted with icy outsole traction. The result was, simply put, phenomenal. Perhaps, one day, Jordan Brand may visit the design for a retail release, but until then, I might head off to StockX to pick up another pair of the OG Carmines to customize myself.

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Air Jordan 6 “Black Carmine”

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