Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Philadelphia Eagles”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Philadelphia Eagles”

As Bob Ross would say, you don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents — and this is one such incident. Whilst we were playing around with hues and placements for an intended “Lakers” colorway, we kinda accidentally fell into this Philadelphia Eagles Air Jordan 6. Sometimes it just works that way — And literally, everything about this one does.

Anchored in a staple white leather base, the pair works in Carmine-inspired blocking with light grey nubuck panels, and pops of rich teal green to mimic the franchise’s famous colors. Now, I’m far from a fan of Philly, but I for one would be copping these in a heartbeat. This — or even an all-white leather construct — looks incredible with any color accent — but dark teal is an underutilized color by the brand, which makes these all the more attractive.

Grab a look at a few mock-ups just below, and we do promise that the aforementioned “Lakers” Air Jordan 6 will arrive soon, too.

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Air Jordan 6 “Philadelphia Eagles”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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