The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red”

We want more Red Air Jordans.

We just can’t get enough of them. MJ wasn’t too keen on predominately Red kicks after his debut sneaker in 1986, as we didn’t any sneaker post the Jordan 1 decked out in Red.

This is probably why we go so nuts on them – because they tie in the old OG colors with a new twist. Any new take on a Bulls colorway gives us something new that could have possibly been an OG had MJ had the inclination to be a bit more flamboyant.

We’ve seen it happen in the recent “Alternate” colorways and as far back as the Toro colroway and other red editions of the post-Jordan playing era. But nothing get us more excited than the retros!

So why not add to our growing “Alternate” concept catalogue than with an often overlooked favourite of ours, the Air Jordan 9.

Would you Cop or Pass on these if they ever hit retail? Tell us your thoughts of today’s concept in the comments below!

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Air Jordan 9 “Gym Red” Concept

by the House of Heat



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