7 Athletes Who Need to Go on a Social Media Blackout — STAT

7 Athletes Who Need to Go on a Social Media Blackout — STAT

Someone’s gotta stop these guys before it’s too late.

Social media is risky. Especially for those in the public eye. With their every move already being watched, analysed and scrutinized, you’ve gotta wonder why you’d have social media at all. I mean, wouldn’t you want a break from all that in your own personal time?

But we get it — it’s another tool for athletes to market themselves. After all, it’s all about that dinero.

But sometimes it just isn’t worth it, especially if you’re being a douche. You’ll just leave yourself open to be harassed by the critics and spammed by trolls. Even worse it you take the bait and start an internet shit fight.

Not a good look when you’re supposed to be a pillar of modern society.

Somewhere along the line, though, we’ve gotta tell these guys to just reign it in a little. And here are seven guys that need to do just that.

7. Markelle Fultz

Look, we just spoke about how Markelle needs to jump off social, stop posting videos and focus on his game. He’s just putting more pressure on himself to perform now.

You don’t need anymore pressure mate, you’ve already got enough. Put the iPhone down and hit the gym, buddy.

6. Josh Gordon

Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Josh Gordon has been through a lot of shit during his short his NFL career. And it looked like everything was finally turning a corner for both him and the Browns in 2018, but when he popped his hamstring filming a hype video for social, it was the last straw for the Cleveland. And off he went to the Patriots

Actually, some might say that’s a reward for such a bonehead play.

Regardless, he should take that as a warning: you’re here to focus on football, not your follower count.

5. Kevin Durant

Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

I bet you expected KD to be number one, right? He’s definitely the most notorious when it comes to misappropriation of his social media accounts. Probably because he has such a high profile. And because of that profile, you’d expect better.

But to his credit, he’s toned it down — a little — which has moved him up the list.

But let’s not forget how well he took on the role of villain when he migrated to the record-breaking 73-9 Golden State Warriors and how that persona crumbled when getting into petty arguments on social media, even inboxing a high schooler’s IG account, of which he wasted no time in shaming KD for doing so.

Oh and the self-praising burner accounts, we can’t ever forget about them.

4. Dez Bryant

Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The reason why Dez is unemployed is in part, due to his bad reputation in regards to his emotional behavior on the sidelines. But instead of trying to reinvent his image and hopefully get his ass back in the NFL, he’s seen on social media bitching about his former teammates and blatantly attacking sports media personalities.

And just like #5 on our list — he likely does own a few burner accounts, as he accidentally tweeted support of himself through HIS OWN ACCOUNT.

Dez, bruh, not only do you need a break from the internet, you need a little professional help.

3. Antonio Brown

Joe Sargent/GettyImages

AB has popped up again in the news lately for his no-show to the Steelers practice facility on Monday for reasons unknown. But he has been very cranky on social media lately, too, which could give us a little insight into the matter.

From tweeting “trade me lets find out” to a former Steelers public relations worker, to threatening break the jaw of Undefeated reporter Jesse Washington.

But while Brown did show remorse for both instances, it may be best for AB to take a break from social for the remainder of the season — or at least until he and the Steelers return to decent form.

2. Jimmy Butler & Andrew Wiggins

Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Jimmy Butler’s departure from the Timberwolves is getting mighty ugly.

Rumors have surfaced that Jimmy was not a fan of Andrew Wiggins’ nonchalant behavior. Once the news broke of Butler’s trade request, Wiggins’ brother tweeted “hallelujah,” only adding fuel to the feud.

It’s since spiraled out of control, with both guys taking shots at each other, Wiggins even attacking former player Stephen Jackson.

Tom T better man up and tell these two to call a truce . . . or at the very least, take their feud offline.

1. Le’Veon Bell

Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

We all know Le’Veon Bell is in a bitter battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He doesn’t wanna be there, that’s clear as day.

Bell has made it clear that he has no intentions of returning from injury early, as he looks to protect his “value long-term,” which really means he’s protecting his body for free agency next year.

It’s one thing to protect your body — you only get one — but c’mon Le’Veon, if you’re going to string along the Steelers and their fans, don’t say that then post a video of yourself riding a jet ski around Miami.

Protect your body, yeah. But protect your integrity by taking a break from the ‘gram.

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