Ibn Jasper Launches His Own Sneaker Brand

Ibn Jasper Launches His Own Sneaker Brand

Got bank?

Your gonna need it if you want a pair of Ibn Jasper’s new sneakers.

Ibn, AKA Ferrari Murakami, a long-time friend and creative consultant to Kanye West, has just launched his very own sneaker brand, Stratica International.

Kinda sounds like “Prestige Worldwide” from Step Brothers, right?

We digress; Stratica International ‘references the past visions of the future’, with inspiration coming from skating culture, auto racing, and brutalist architecture. The carefully hand-crafted sneakers feature complex outsoles made with layers of foxing tape. Each outsole takes 65 minutes to create.

The collection was announced and previewed earlier in the year, but finally it has arrived. And it ain’t cheap.

The high-fashion, 90s inspired silhouettes are available right now, with the ‘Broadway’ retailing for $440 and the ‘Wilshire’ retailing for $390.


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