The Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF “Gobstomper” Wears-Away Colors Like Candy

The Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF “Gobstomper” Wears-Away Colors Like Candy

Brooklyn-based creative agency MSCHF is certainly living up to its name, with the precarious purveyors of footwear are about to embark on another contentious sneaker — this time in partnership with the host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon.

Playfully titled, the Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF “Gobstomper” rocks multiple layers of colors that are visible upon wear-away — just like a gobstopper candy. It’s not reserved to the suede uppers, either, as midsoles sare also stacked with a trio of wear-away rubbers, resulting in a striking visual effect. All of this comes capped with MSCH branding at the tongue, heel and inner tags — the latter co-signed by Jimmy himself.

In addition to the sneaker Jimmy has stepped out in the skatepark for a whimsical campaign; be sure to check out the full set of images below.

The Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF “Gobstomper” is scheduled for a drop on July 28 at 1:00 pm ET directly from MSCF and will retail for $195.

Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF “Gobstomper”

Release Date: July 28, 2022

Retail: $195

Where to Buy:
MSCHF @ 1:00 pm ET

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