KITO Wares Mother Mary “Sanctity Blue” Releases Oct. 29

KITO Wares Mother Mary “Sanctity Blue” Releases Oct. 29

Indiana’s Kito Wares is no stranger to controversy. Their Christmas Day Passion of Christ Dunks caused a stir last year, as did their follow-up Passion of Christ Resurrection Days in September of this year. Though many say their sneakers are blasphemy, the series aims to reach a less vocal topic of discussion — the blind worshipping of brands.

Their next installment, this week’s KITO Wares Mother Mary, draws down on the Air Jordan 3 design, with a few added embellishments, including crucifix heel and tongue tabs — as well as a trio at the midsole’s midfoot — and Mother Mary herself at the midfoot. Uppers spruik a sky blue finish, with everything else opting for pure whites — what else for Mother Mary, the purest of beings?

While other streetwear designers have tried to call attention to the way fans religiously follow a brand, the KITO Wares Mother Mary sneakers do so quite literally by integrating Christian iconography. The bundle will release on October 29 and will retail at $150, including the shoes, a 7 sorrows candle, a poster, and a collectible box. Shoes purchased on the drop will come with an additional poster.

KITO Wares Mother Mary

Release Date: October 29, 2021

Color:  Mother Mary/Sanctity Blue
Retail: $150

Where to Buy: @ 5:00 pm ET

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