The Tear-Away KITOWARES “Afterlife” Sneaker Drops December 31

The Tear-Away KITOWARES “Afterlife” Sneaker Drops December 31

Indiana’s KITOWARES continues to deliver some of the most controversial conversations around footwear (and brand in general) with their biblical-themed series aiming to reach a highlight an ever-accordant topic of discussion — the blind worshipping of brands.

Their Christmas Day Passion of Christ Dunks caused a stir last year, as did their follow-up Passion of Christ Resurrection Days and Mother Mary releases earlier this year. Their next installment takes away the biblical archetypes and instead lays focus on the Afterlife, in which the sneaker is named after. The pair features a tear-away upper that shows hell hidden beneath heaven, which itself is a contentious point — and if you’ve seen The Good Place, it brings all new meaning to what the afterlife entails.

Whether you want to stay pure or show your sins, the KITOWARES “Afterlife” release doesn’t discriminate.

If you’re feeling it, then pairs will become available from on a first-come, first-serve basis on Friday, December 31st at 5:00 pm ET for $150. The release includes limited edition virtual reality glasses and a collectible Afterlife box.

KITOWARES “Afterlife”

Release Date: December 31, 2021

Color: Heaven/Hell/Angelic White
Retail: $150

Where to Buy: @ 5:00 pm ET (FCFS)

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