Louis Vuitton want you to beat up these $1k sneakers

Louis Vuitton want you to beat up these $1k sneakers

Would you though?

Fancy dropping over one large for a pair of trainers to beat up in the gym? LV think you should, of course – they want their brand new ‘runner’ to live up to it’s name. And surprisingly, they look to go alright in the performance department. They’d want to at that price.

The V.N.R (short for Vuitton New Runner) is spruiked as a light and flexible lifestyle sneaker that combines signature LV styling with (in their own words) ‘ultimate technical innovation,’ which is a huge call, considering the amount of clout brands like Nike and adidas have in said technical innovation. Id like to see some tech sheets before making that kind of investment – my knees are getting older after all.

They do, however, have a great aesthetic appeal. But for $1170, I’ll stick to 5 pairs of Air Max. Best of luck to you if you’ve got the stacks to burn.

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