Nike CEO takes a 71% paycut

Nike CEO takes a 71% paycut


CNN Money reports that CEO Mark Parker’s compensation shrunk this year by 71 percent, from $47.6 million to $13.9 million.

Now, a lot of you will say thats still too much, but with the role of CEO comes overwhelming responsibility. He is responsible for thousands of jobs, thousands of shareholders and millions of fans – he’s responsible for their shopping habits, brand perceptions and more.

That’s a fucking lot of responsibility. And CEO’s are paid accordingly.

Now, a drop in 71% is huge, but their sales have slowed and Mark isn’t fucking around. He aims to turn it around with it’s new alliance with Amazon.

So as Mark slips down in earnings, Amazon’s founder becomes the richest man in the world. That just goes to show how important Nike is as a brand and why MP gets paid so much to begin with.


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