Play Now: Sneaker Invaders

Play Now: Sneaker Invaders

Beware the invasion.

8 Bits and kicks. Thats what you get when a Sneakerhead coder drums up a fresh new take on a vintage video game. Sneaker Invaders, is just that.

With a free version lasting long enough to quench your retro gaming thirst, is there a need to buy it? That’s up to you. They do have a Kickstarter asking for $50k, but that seems a little farfetched, for what is essentially a 40 year-old videogame.

Apart from the inclusion of sneakers, it’s relatively the same as the original. This lack of creativity i part of what is perhaps becoming a continuing theme in the sneaker industry, with the light recently shining on Don C’s lazy design on the Jordan Legacy 312 (actually, he didn’t even design it — even lazier, Virgil Abloh’s blatant rip off of the Air Jordan 3 and Li-Ning’s copy of the Yeezy Wave Runner.

The game is amusing for a little bit, so why not kill some time. Get you game on here!

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